Thursday, February 2

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I really LOVE this nursery board. It feels so fresh, yet really comfortable. It reminds me of the days right before spring - when you can smell the ground thawing, and the tulips are creeping up. When the house is filled with fresh flowers and summer vacations are being planned. 

Side Note: The dresser reminds me of this one I bought. I have yet to do anything with it, but after seeing the one above, I have a huge urge to paint mine. I love the quirky "socks" they left wooden, and seeing as I'm already obsessed with "socks"...I'm pretty sure it will happen. 

 CLAYTON GRAY - Dahlia Round Mirror, $350

This picture wall is from one of my all-time favorite nurseries - check it out.

ALLEN + ROTH, Bronze Edison $119


All Dressed Up In Love said...

Hi , I have been admiring your pins on pinterest for some time now and just took a moment to come to your blog! I love it and I'm so touched with how honest is are! Just wanted to leave a little note telling you to hang in there and I love your blog!

Samantha said...

Jen - Thanks so much for reading! I have really enjoyed having this blog as a way to release some of my stress - and not to mention share some of the wonderful things I find on P Pinterest!

I checked out your blog. I love all of the inspiration pictures you've shared. I'm going to have to go through a pin a few!

All Dressed Up In Love said...

Thanks! It's just something fun I do to collect my thoughts and share pictures of my son! Thanks for your nice words!